Prof. Andrew Moore (2)
  • University of Oxford
  • 2015-01-07
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About Prof. Andrew Moore

Director of Pain Research,
Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics,
University of Oxford.

Chairman of the International Association
for the Study of Pain Systematic Review and Evidence special interest group. 

Founding editor of the evidence-based journal – Bandolier,
contributed 500+ scientific and clinical publications
and 200 systematic reviews including over 80 Cochrane reviews.

Q5: Can you tell me strengths of responder vs. non-responder approach

       rather than using mean VAS scores in pain research?

Q6: Do you have any comments

       on the claim that a typical RCT design is not suitable for detecting acupuncture’s efficacy?

Q7: I would appreciate your valuable comments for the young researchers in this field.